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1971 Photos

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Last UpdatedSaturday, April 6, 20131971 introduction goes here…  Home » 1971 Photos » 1971 1971_Try_Out_Korea.jpgKyok Pa demonstration at the Asian Championships Try Out on May 1971.1971_Try_Out.jpgDemonstration skill test at the Asian Championship Try Out on May 1971.1971_Team_Tryout_for_the _3rd_Internationals_Class (38).jpgJa Yu Dae Ryun Scene during the Asian Championship Try Out in May 1971.1971_Scan10016.jpgGroup photo of Moo Duk Kwan Alumni in USA during 1971.1971_Malaysia_visit_.jpgHwang Kee KJN visit Malaysia during 1971.1971_Depart for USA.jpgChung Il Kim (475), Sun Hwan Chung (2231), and Man Seop Song (4503) at the Kim Po International airport to depart for USA. Hueng Iyol Yoon (2089), and Jin Mun Hwang (509) are with them for support.1971_3.jpgParticipants for the Asian Championships Try Out are ready to perform Hyungs at the Shn Kwang Women High School Gym in Yong San, Seoul, Korea on May 1971.1971_.jpgJa Yu Dae Ryun at the Asian Championship...

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