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Bill Milberger Dan Bon 27713

Bill Milberger Dan Bon 27713


Tribute To Bill Milberger Dan Bon 27713

05-28-1965 – 02-12-2013

We mourn the loss of Bill Milberger Sa bom Nim, a respected Teacher and Model, father, husband, son and friend.  Our sincere condolences to the Milberger family and to his students in Moo Duk Kwan®.  This short video tribute is done in his memory and as our thanks for his contributions to the Moo Duk Kwan®.

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Used with permission.

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  1. Sa Bom Nim, you will be greatly missed…many many great training memories. We had a moment of silence in your honor in class tonight and I shared a little history about you with my students. I was looking forward to seeing you soon at our next regional event-every time I saw you, you always had a huge smile on your face! Now when I line up and look to my right, I know you will always be there in spirit. God Bless… “Travis Guinn, Sa bom Nim”

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